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Just Making the Dean’s List?

Many #HR leaders struggle with getting what they need from their teams; this applies to the #CHRO down to a first line HR supervisor and their subordinates.

Their teams don’t have the capability, agility and capacity to deliver the desired results

There’s a role for individual effort as well as role for the collective efforts by everyone. It’s the job of the HR leader to build both individual and team performance.

But if you don’t have the right people in the right positions doing the right things, will your team ever achieve the desired performance? Probably not.

So let’s look at the individual contributors on your team. Let’s use a tool I call your Great People Assessment or GPA to determine if your team members are strong enough

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Team GPA
  1. In the left column fill in the names of your team members.
  2. Then put a mark in the column that represents their performance, dependability
  3. Finally add up all the scores and then divide by the total number of employees listed to get your GPA

If your total GPA is summa cum laude (4.0) or magna cum laude (3.8 – 3.9) or cum laude (3.5 – 3.7) you’re in great shape. Making the Dean’s List will probably be okay.

But anything lower could represent a problem. In this example the total GPA is 2.8. Not a stellar result and likely the cause of performance problems on the leader’s team

This visual representation can help you determine where to place your efforts. As an example – where’s the greatest upside potential improvement on your team – Moving Marie from a 1 to a 3 or moving Sandeep to a 4? Does one have a special talent that you need more than the other? What about Gayathri? Does she have the capability to move towards a 4? The iterations can be endless

This represents a static view of the present. What about the future? Try using this table to plot your team’s talent needs into the future. Unfortunately, given the pace of business disruptions and changing talent requirements, your future GPA is likely to look worse

Regardless of your long or short-term perspective, until you raise the GPA of your team, you may be disappointed by the results they deliver.

What’s your GPA? What have you done to make the dean’s list? Or better? isotretinoin purchase uk and let me know. I’ll anonymously aggregate the results and disseminate to everyone.



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