Top #8 Tips on How Social Collaboration Helps Global Enterprises (and you) Succeed

How can you design & implement new business models, product offerings and organizational initiatives to leverage social, mobile, data, cloud & collaboration?

Wayne TarkenWayne Tarken
Global Product
Social Business Leader

During my career with IBM and other companies, I’ve worked as a consultant and coach to leaders and organizations from global enterprises to small start-ups. Through that experience, I developed a large library of articles, videos and other resources focused on leadership and performance. I decided to bring these resources to this community to help you achieve your own business results and professional aspirations.

To help you advantage of enormous opportunities for business and personal success in today’s rapidly changing global market and global enterprise. By integrating technology, people, social and business strategies into effective management systems and business models designed to solve organizational challenges, improve operating performance and expand business capabilities.

First let me start to saying that every business from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 organization are global enterprises. Evolving technology and rapid growth of emerging markets has moved your markets from local to global. There are millions of potential consumers who want access to your offerings. Just as important are the millions of future competitors who are anxious to steal your business.

To analyze, adjust and prosper in view of these threats and opportunities, we suggest you incorporate the following 8 elements into your strategic plans:

My goal will be to help you figure out what social business, mobile, big data and the cloud is all about and how you can combine them with the 8 components of our model to you achieve your goals. I will discuss ways for you to:

Analyze the rapid changes taking place in the global market places.
Assess the impact of social, cloud and mobile technologies on business models and products.
Develop strategies to reposition services, create new offerings to tap into new and expanding global markets to reduce pressure on operating margins and improve operating results.
Implement global enterprises social business programs and tools.
Review challenges, priorities & objectives to develop social processes that promote culture change, collaboration, engagement & performance.
Leverage the opportunities generated by the exploding growth of women leaders and consumers throughout the developing world.

Check back periodically as we continue to role out new information, tools, articles and other resources.

As always if you have any questions, need any advice feel free to reach out to me. I won’t bite, expect a commitment or other obligation and perhaps I can help you. After all, my biggest joy and passion is helping people such as yourself find innovative solutions to your most challenging issues – to create epiphanies that grow into strategies for your success.